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The Vehicle Type dimension is based on information recorded in STATS19 returns. It groups the numbered STATS19 vehicle types together into broader categories.

For crashes occurring from 2005 onwards, the levels defined in the MAST Vehicle Type dimension are:


Motor vehicles

  • Cars excluding car based vans
    • Car not used for private hire and with fewer than 8 passenger seats, including estate, Land Rover or three wheeler
    • Taxi or private hire car, including hackney carriage, minicab, or minibus used for private hire
    • Minibus equipped with 8 to 16 passenger seats, unless used for private hire
  • Goods vehicles including tankers, HGV tractors, and articulated vehicles
    • Goods vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes weight including car based van or pick-up truck
    • Goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes weight (maximum gross weight as per vehicle tax disk if present)
      • Goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes and under 7.5 tonnes weight
      • Goods vehicle 7.5 tonnes weight and over
  • Buses including coaches and all other vehicles equipped with 17 or more passenger seats, regardless of how used
  • Motorcycles including motorcycle combinations
    • Motorcycle up to 125cc engine size, including mopeds or motor scooters
      • Motorcycle 50cc and under engine size
      • Motorcycle over 50cc and up to 125cc engine size
    • Motorcycle over 125cc engine size
      • Motorcycle over 125cc and up to 500cc engine size
      • Motorcycle over 500cc engine size
  • Other motor vehicles
    • Agricultural vehicle such as tractors or diggers, but not heavy plant
    • Other motor vehicle
      • Tram or light rail
      • Other motor vehicle such as ambulance, fire engine, motor caravan, quad bike, refuse vehicle, crane or tank

Non-motor vehicles

  • Pedal cycles including electrically assisted pedal cycles, but not toys ridden on the footpath
  • Other non-motor vehicles
    • Ridden horse
    • Other non-motor vehicle such as self propelled invalid carriage, animal drawn cart or street barrow

Vehicle types prior to 2005

The following changes apply to all information related to crashes which occurred before 2005:

  • Private hire cars were recorded along with cars, rather than taxis
  • Motorcycles over 500cc engine size were not recorded separately
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