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Vehicle Type is a STATS19 field which specifies the nature of each vehicle involved in a crash.

Vehicle Type information is incorporated into several MAST dimensions, and so is available for use as a category, series or filter in any report. MAST provides vehicle type information in Crash reports based on the types of vehicle involved, and in Casualty reports based on the type of vehicle which accounted for each casualty's involvement in the crash.

Users who wish to use vehicle type analysis in Crashes or Casualties reports are advised to consider the most appropriate approach, and be aware of the implications on report results.

Full details of all the vehicle types which MAST can group separately can be found here.

Possible approaches to using Vehicle Type in MAST reports

There are several techniques for incorporating Vehicle Type into a MAST report.

  • In a Vehicles report, the Vehicle Type dimension is usually the most appropriate approach.
  • In a Crashes report the Crash Involved Vehicle type dimensions can be used. It is important to understand that each individual crash may well involve vehicles of several different types.
  • In a Casualties report it is possible to employ either or even both of the above approaches, although it is important to appreciate the difference this will make to the result:
    • If a Crash Involved Vehicle type dimension is used, casualties are classified by whether a vehicles of the specified type were involved in the crash in any way, not necessarily in a way which relates to the individual casualty
    • If the Casualty Type of Related Vehicle dimension is used, casualties are classified only by the type of the individual vehicle with which they are directly related
      • For drivers and passengers the related vehicle type is the vehicle they were in at the moment the crash occurred
      • for pedestrians the related vehicle type is that of the vehicle by which they were first struck
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