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Vehicle Tow is a STATS19 field which indicates the articulation of a vehicle involved in a crash, including any towed items.


An articulated vehicle is one which is towing a semi-trailer, so constructed that a significant part of its weight is borne by the tractor vehicle. As well as heavy goods vehicles, this definition also includes 'bendy' buses and trams.

Trailer includes drawbar trailers, which have at least two axles with the front axle steered from the connecting drawbar. It also includes towed equipment such as mobile compressors, heavy plant, and circus equipment

Single trailer is any combination consisting of a rigid vehicle and any trailer other than a caravan connected by a rigid bar. A double/multiple trailer is any combination including two or more trailers.

Caravan means a two-wheeled or four-wheeled trailer designed for accommodation, including mobile offices.

Other tow includes vehicles towing by rope and breakdown trucks towing another vehicle by crane-mounted tow, but specifically excludes drawbar trailers.


Vehicle Tow is available as a dimension to power users in MAST reports. It is organised as follows:

  • Articulated Vehicle
  • Trailer
    • Single
    • Multiple


    • Caraven
    • Other
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