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Vehicle Manoeuvre is a STATS19 field which indicates the actions taken by a vehicle immediately before it became involved in a crash.


Parked vehicles include buses or coaches stationary at a bus stop, but does not include vehicles in the process of parking.

Changing lane to the right includes vehicles moving across the road to park on the offside, and vehicles merging from a slip road.

Overtaking includes cases where the vehicle being overtaken contributed to the crash but was broken down, temporarily held up or parked.


Vehicle Manoeuvre is avaiable as a dimension to power users in MAST reports. It is organised as follows:

  • Going Ahead
    • Ahead Straight
    • Ahead Bend
      • Ahead Bend Left
      • Ahead Bend Right
  • Manoeuvreing
    • Lane Change Manoeuvres
      • Lane Change to the Left
      • Lane Change to the Right
    • Stopping and Starting Manoeuvres
      • Moving off
      • Stopping
    • Other Manoeuvres
      • Reversing
      • U Turn
  • Turning
    • Turning Left
    • Turning Right
    • Other Turning
  • Overtaking
    • Overtaking on the offside
      • Overtaking moving vehicle on the offside
      • Overtaking stationary vehicle on the offside
    • Overtaking on the nearside
  • Stationary
    • Stationary and waiting
      • Stationary and waiting to go straight ahead
      • Stationary and waiting to turn left
      • Stationary and waiting to turn right
    • Parked
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