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This tab focuses on the location of the casualty/driver at the time of the crash. The visualisations vary between the different MAST Dashboards. For pedestrian casualties there are 3 visualisations: Pedestrian Location; Pedestrian Movement; and Road Class.

Pedestrian Location shows numbers of casualties by the location of the pedestrian, e.g. on a crossing, within 50m of a crossing and in carriageway, not crossing. Pedestrian Movement shows numbers of casualties by the STATS19 recorded movement of the pedestrian. Road Class is shown on a tree map. The larger the area and the darker the colour of the road class polygon the more pedestrian casualties were injured on that class of road. For example, the image below shows the tree map for Kent County. It is split in to ‘Urban’ and ‘Rural’ and both of these are further split in to unclassified road, A road and B road. Selecting ‘Pedestrian Casualties In’ shows the same visualisations but with data relating to casualties injured in crashes in the filtered location(s).

The Young Drivers and Child Casualties dashboards contain only the road class treemap.

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