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The charts in the 'How' tab vary between the dashboard topics.

In the Pedestrian Dashboard there are two charts in the ‘How’ tab. The top chart shows pedestrian only contributory factors (CFs) or grouped CFs for the vehicle involved in the crash with the pedestrian. This can be changed using the dropdown list to the top right of the chart. Pedestrian CFs are the CFs attributed to the pedestrian. Crash Involved CFs are those attributed to the vehicle that was involved in the crash with the pedestrian. The second chart shows the number of pedestrian casualties by the vehicle that they were involved in a crash with. As the majority of vehicles were cars there is a drop-down list to the right corner of the chart which allows some vehicle types to be omitted in order to focus on particular vehicle types.

The Young Driver Dashboard and the Motorcycle Rider Dashboard show one chart. This chart shows numbers of drivers/riders involved in injury collisions by CF category. This can be drilled down to CF sub-category and individual CF using the dropdown list underneath the x-axis.

The 'How' tab of the Child Casualties Dashboard contains two charts. The top chart shows child casualty numbers by CF group. The left-hand dropdown box enables filtering of the items on the x-axis. The right-hand dropdown changes the hierarchy level of the items on the x-axis. The CF Group, Sub-Group or individual CF can be selected. The bottom chart shows child casualty numbers by the CFs attributed to the related vehicle. In addition to the CF and CF hierarchy level dropdowns found in the top chart, there are two additional dropdowns on the right side of the chart. These dropdowns allow filtering by related vehicle type and casualty type. The casualty types are pedal cycle user, pedestrian and vehicle occupant.

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