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Age hierarchy
Aspiring Homemakers
Blank reportBoolean
Career professionals living in sought after locations
Casualties - Casualty Mosaic ProfileCasualties MeasureCasualty
Casualty AgeCasualty Age of Related DriverCasualty Attributed Contributory Factor Dimensions
Casualty HomeCasualty Home Rurality
Casualty Home of Related Driver
Casualty Is School Pupil
Casualty Is Working in CwayCasualty Journey Purpose of Related DriverCasualty Mosaic
Casualty Mosaic PreviousCasualty Mosaic Previous for Related DriverCasualty Mosaic for Related Driver
Casualty Severity Dimension
Casualty Type of Related VehicleCasualty class
Chart ViewCity Prosperity
Conditions - LightConditions - Weather
Constituency Example
Contributing Uninjured PedestriansContributory FactorsContributory Factors example
Contributory factors definitions
Country LivingCrashCrash Casualties Count Measure
Crash Date Dimension
Crash Involved Casualty type dimensions
Crash Involved Vehicle Type dimensions
Crash LocationCrash Location Route dimensionCrash Location Small Area
Crash Location Small Area DimensionCrash Location Strategic RoadCrash Officer Attended
Crash Related Contributory Factor DimensionsCrash Severity Dimension
Crash Vehicles Count
Crash on Strategic Road dimensionCrashes - Crashes by Date and Severity
Crashes MeasureCrashes in Cheshire
Data cube
Day of Week
Department for Transport
Dimensions in Casualties reportsDimensions in Crashes reportsDimensions in Vehicles reports
Disabiguation: TypeDisambiguation: GroupDisambiguation: Type
Distance from homeDomestic SuccessDouble counting
DownloadDownload Chart Image
Download ExcelDriverDriver Age
Driver Home
Driver Home Rurality
Driver Journey PurposeDriver Mosaic
Driver Mosaic Previous
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Elderly people subsisting on meagre incomes in council accommodation
Families on lower incomes who often live in large council estates where there is little owner-occupation
Families who are successfully established in comfortable, mature homes. Children are growing up and finances are easierFamilies with focus on career and home, mostly younger age groups now raising childrenFamily Basics
Freedom of Information
Geography CrashGeography HomeGeography hierarchy
Grid View
HANCS Groups
Hierarchy exampleHighway Authority Network Classification System
Highway authorityHighways Agency
Independent pensioners living in their own homes who are relatively active in their lifestyles
Index of Multiple DeprivationIndexed reports
Info: Crashes reportsIntro:MAST Forum
Intro: Crashes reportsIntro: MAST ReportsIntroduction to MAST
JunctionJunction Detail
MAST Help Index
MAST OnlineMAST Online Final Version - new featuresMAST Professional
Main Page
MeasureMeasuresModest Traditions
Mosaic 2003Mosaic 2003 Groups
Mosaic 2003 TypesMosaic 2009Mosaic 2009 Groups
Mosaic 2009 TypesMosaic 2014 GroupsMosaic 2014 Type Descriptions
Mosaic 2014 TypesMosaic Groups
Mosaic Public SectorMosaic Types
Municipal Challenge
National Survey Grid Reference
PedestrianPeople living in close-knit inner city and manufacturing town communities, responsible workers with unsophisticated tastes
People living in rural areas where country life has not been influenced by urban consumption patternsPeople who are struggling to achieve rewards and are mostly reliant on the council for accommodation and benefitsPeople who though not well-educated are practical and enterprising and may well have exercised their right to buy
PostcodePower user
Prestige Positions
Public reports
RSA Highway Authority Network Classification System DimensionRental Hubs
Report thumbnailReported by Police Force with CRASH
Road Casualties Great BritainRoad Casualties OnlineRoad Class
Road TypeRoad Urban or Rural
Road number
Rural Reality
Samples:CrashesSamples: Crashes - area trend by date and severitySave Report
Save Report AsSelect Report page
Senior SecuritySeries
Severity hierarchy
Similar authorities
Small Areas
Strategic Roads
Suburban StabilitySupported browsers
The 'How' DashboardThe 'When' DashboardThe 'Where' Dashboard
The 'Who' DashboardThe 'cube'
Time of Day
Transient Renters
Urban Cohesion
Using Mosaic in MAST reportsVehicleVehicle Attributed Contributory Factor Dimensions
Vehicle Engine CapacityVehicle ManoeuvreVehicle Propulsion
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