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  1. Career professionals living in sought after locations
  2. Casualties - Casualty Mosaic Profile
  3. Crash Location Small Area Dimension
  4. Crashes - Crashes by Date and Severity
  5. Crashes in Cheshire
  6. Dashboard
  7. Disabiguation: Type
  8. Download
  9. Elderly people subsisting on meagre incomes in council accommodation
  10. Families on lower incomes who often live in large council estates where there is little owner-occupation
  11. Families who are successfully established in comfortable, mature homes. Children are growing up and finances are easier
  12. Families with focus on career and home, mostly younger age groups now raising children
  13. Geography Crash
  14. Geography Home
  15. Independent pensioners living in their own homes who are relatively active in their lifestyles
  16. Info: Crashes reports
  17. Intro: Crashes reports
  18. People living in close-knit inner city and manufacturing town communities, responsible workers with unsophisticated tastes
  19. People living in rural areas where country life has not been influenced by urban consumption patterns
  20. People who are struggling to achieve rewards and are mostly reliant on the council for accommodation and benefits
  21. People who though not well-educated are practical and enterprising and may well have exercised their right to buy
  22. Samples:Crashes
  23. Vehicles - Driver Mosaic Profile
  24. Vehicles - Driver Residency Analysis
  25. Young, single and mostly well-educated, these people are cosmopolitan in tastes and liberal in attitudes
  26. Your first Crashes report

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