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Road Type is a STATS19 field which indicates the type of road upon which a crash occurred.

Road Type refers to the physical nature of the road, such as number of carriageways. It should not be confused with road class.


The following provisions apply to recording road type:

  • The road type for crashes which occur off the main carriageway, for example on a footway or cycleway, are coded as appropriate for the main carriageway.
  • For junction crashes where the road layout differs from the general road type, the code appropriate to the general road type should be used. For example, if a crash occurs on a road which is generally single carriageway but on the approach to a junction where for a short section it has a central reservation, the general road type is Single Carriageway.
  • Roundabout includes mini-roundabouts and large, purpose built gyratory systems.
  • Contraflow bus or cycle lanes in otherwise one way streets are recorded as normal carriageways.
  • Slip roads are dedicated to getting traffic from one road to another, including roads connecting roads at different levels and filter lanes which connect two roads by avoiding a roundabout or other junction. Slip lanes marked by white lines at roundabouts, but which are not physically separated from the roundabout, are also classified as slip roads.
  • A dual carriageway is a road in which the opposing carriageways are physically separated, usually by a central reservation or barrier. Carriageways separated only by line markings are single.
  • Contraflows on dual carriageways due to roadworks as recorded as dual carriageway.
  • Unknown is only used in exceptional circumstances where no information on road type is available, or where the other Road Type codes are inappropriate.
  • Single carriageway roads can never be coded with a 70 mph speed limit.


Road type is avaialble as a dimension in MAST reports. It is organised into three levels, as follows:

  • Single
  • Dual
  • Other
    • Roundabout
    • One Way or Slip
      • One Way Road
      • Slip Road
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