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Public reports are templates designed to provide ready-made solutions for common data requests. They are shown on the Select Report page.

Public reports are created by MAST administrators in response to user feedback. It is expected that more will be added over time.

How to use public reports?

Public reports can be viewed by all users who have permission to view the dimensions they contain.

Only the original author can save changes to public reports directly, but any user can edit a public report and then use the Save Report As feature to save a personalised version.

Each public report also has its own Comments page in this Wiki, providing all users with further information on how to use it.

Frequently used public reports

These public reports will give you an insight into the power of MAST, and may help to identify useful trends.

Casualty Mosaic Profile (See also Indexed reports)

Crashes by Date and Severity

Driver Mosaic Profile (See also Indexed reports)

Driver Residency Analysis

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