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Any user who has received introductory training in the use of MAST, either from the MAST project team or an experienced colleague, can be identified as a Power User. Power users have a substantial number of additional dimensions available to them when designing reports.

There are no formal limitiations on who can become a Power User. This status is available on request to any user who may require it, without cost implications.

For users requiring further information on Power User status, the best approach is to consult a colleague who is already a trained or experienced MAST user. Users are also encouraged to contact the project team to request Power User status, either via the MAST User Forum or the Road Safety Analysis website.


Dimensions available to Power users

Crashes dimensions

  • Crash Involved Vehicle Type dimensions
    • Crash Involved Vehicle PC
    • Crash Involved Vehicle MC
    • Crash Involved Vehicle Car
    • Crash Involved Vehicle Bus
    • Crash Involved Vehicle Goods
    • Crash Involved Vehicle Misc Motor
    • Crash Involved Vehicle Misc NonMotor

Vehicles dimensions

Casualties dimensions

Measures available to Power users

The following measures can be used by Power users to provide an alternative measure upon which reports can be based.

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