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Mosaic Group Descriptions - Click a description to view a full group profile or click here to view related Mosaic types
GroupDescriptionUK Population %
A Residents of isolated rural communities 4.72%
B Residents of small and mid-sized towns with strong local roots 8.89%
C Wealthy people living in the most sought after neighbourhoods 4.22%
D Successful professionals living in suburban or semi-rural homes 9.32%
E Middle income families living in moderate suburban semis 13.39%
F Couples with young children in comfortable modern housing 5.59%
G Young, well-educated city dwellers 8.18%
H Couples and young singles in small modern starter homes 4.01%
I Lower income workers in urban terraces in often diverse areas 6.84%
J Owner occupiers in older-style housing in ex-industrial areas 7.32%
K Residents with sufficient incomes in right-to-buy council houses 11.07%
L Active elderly people living in pleasant retirement locations 3.1%
M Elderly people reliant on state support 3.84%
N Young people renting flats in high density social housing 4.46%
O Families in low-rise council housing with high levels of benefit need 5.05%
Z People whose postcode was not recorded in STATS19 returns -

For a list of groups used in previous versions of Mosaic, see Mosaic 2003 Groups.

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