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Mosaic Group Descriptions - Click a group letter to view related Mosaic Types, or click a description to view a full group profile
GroupDescriptionUK Population %Link to Details
A City Prosperity 4.4% Details
B Prestige Positions 9.2% Details
C Country Living 6.27% Details
D Rural Reality 5.55% Details
E Senior Security 6.51% Details
F Suburban Stability 8.74% Details
G Domestic Success 7.56% Details
H Aspiring Homemakers 8.53% Details
I Family Basics 8.86% Details
J Transient Renters 6.01% Details
K Municipal Tenants 5.96% Details
L Vintage Value 4.34% Details
M Modest Traditions 5.6% Details
N Urban Cohesion 5.63% Details
O Rental Hubs 6.82% Details
Z People whose postcode was not recorded in STATS19 returns -
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