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Mosaic Type Descriptions
A01 Rural familes with high incomes, often from city jobs
A02 Retirees electing to settle in environmentally attractive localities
A03 Remote communities with poor access to public and commercial services
A04 Villagers with few well paid alternatives to agricultural employment
B05 Better off empty nesters in low density estates on town fringes
B06 Self employed trades people living in smaller communities
B07 Empty nester owner occupiers making little use of public services
B08 Mixed communities with many single people in the centres of small towns
C09 Successful older business leaders living in sought-after suburbs
C10 Wealthy families in substantial houses with little community involvement
C11 Creative professionals seeking involvement in local communities
C12 Residents in smart city centre flats who make little use of public services
D13 Higher income older champions of village communities
D14 Older people living in large houses in mature suburbs
D15 Well off commuters living in spacious houses in semi rural settings
D16 Higher income families concerned with education and careers
E17 Comfortably off suburban families weakly tied to their local community
E18 Industrial workers living comfortably in owner occupied semis
E19 Self reliant older families in suburban semis in industrial towns
E20 Upwardly mobile South Asian families living in inter war suburbs
E21 Middle aged families living in less fashionable inter war suburban semis
F22 Busy executives in town houses in dormitory settlements
F23 Early middle aged parents likely to be involved in their children's education
F24 Young parents new to their neighbourhood, keen to put down roots
F25 Personnel reliant on the Ministry of Defence for public services
G26 Well educated singles living in purpose built flats
G27 City dwellers owning houses in older neighbourhoods
G28 Singles and sharers occupying converted Victorian houses
G29 Young professional families settling in better quality older terraces
G30 Diverse communities of well educated singles living in smart, small flats
G31 Owners in smart purpose built flats in prestige locations, many newly built
G32 Students and other transient singles in multi-let houses
G33 Transient singles, poorly supported by family and neighbours
G34 Students involved in college and university communities
H35 Childless newowner occupiers in cramped new homes
H36 Young singles and sharers renting small purpose built flats
H37 Young owners and rented developments of mixed tenure
H38 People living in brand new residential developments
I39 Young owners and private renters in inner city terraces
I40 Multi-ethnic communities in newer suburbs away from the inner city
I41 Renters of older terraces in ethnically diverse communities
I42 South Asian communities experiencing social deprivation
I43 Older town centre terraces with transient, single populations
I44 Low income families occupying poor quality older terraces
J45 Low income communities reliant on low skill industrial jobs
J46 Residents in blue collar communities revitalised by commuters
J47 Comfortably off industrial workers owning their own homes
K48 Middle aged couples and families in right-to-buy homes
K49 Low income older couples long established in former council estates
K50 Older families in low value housing in traditional industrial areas
K51 Often indebted families living in low rise estates
L52 Communities of wealthy older people living in large seaside houses
L53 Residents in retirement, second home and tourist communities
L54 Retired people of modest means commonly living in seaside bungalows
L55 Capable older people leasing / owning flats in purpose built blocks
M56 Older people living on council estates with limited budgets
M57 Old people in flats subsisting on welfare payments
M58 Less mobile older people requiring a degree of care
M59 People living in social accommodation designed for older people
N60 Tenants in council flats on estates at risk of serious social problems
N61 Childless tenants in council flats with modest social needs
N62 Young renters in flats with a cosmopolitan mix
N63 Multicultural tenants renting flats in areas of social housing
N64 Diverse homesharers renting small flats in densely populated areas
N65 Young singles in multi-ethnic communities, many in high rise flats
N66 Childless, low income tenants in high rise flats
O67 Older tenants on low rise social housing estates where jobs are scarce
O68 Families with varied structures living on low rise social housing estates
O69 Vulnerable young parents needing substantial state support
Z99 People whose postcode was not recorded in STATS19 returns

For a list of types used in previous versions of Mosaic, see Mosaic 2003 Types.

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