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Layout of the Select Report page

The main headings on the Select Report page (Casualties, Crashes and Vehicles) have been reorganised to appear as tabs across the top of the screen. This will save users with many reports from the inconvenience of scrolling through long lists. All user reports created with the initial version are still present and are fully compatible.

Easy access to full information on report design

By popular request, the Rename links on both pages now list every dimension and filter applied to a report when it was last saved, as well as the report name and description. Users can check exactly what is and is not included in a report at any time, simply by saving it then clicking Rename.

Improved route filtering with Filter by Road Number

MAST has a new dimension called Crash Location Route, allowing users to filter report results by the route on which crashes occurred. Filters can contain as many different road numbers as desired in any combination, and road numbers can be combined in any way with all other filters. Road number filters can also be applied to vehicles and casualties reports.

Although it is possible to use the dimension normally, it’s much quicker to use the Filter by Road Number action link. Click the link, start typing the desired road number until it appears in the list, then click on it or type it all and press Enter. Any road number can be removed from the filter simply by clicking the cross next to it, or the whole filter can be taken out by removing the dimension as usual.

Indexed reports by average annual mileage

Any report which displays Mosaic as the only Category and has a Geography filter can now be indexed not only by Population, but also by Average Annual Mileage. The index base can be changed at will simply by clicking option buttons which appear under the action links. The current index values are also included in all Download Excel files, even though they are not visible in Grid view.

Show Similar Authorities feature

MAST now contains a special feature which takes any report filtered by a single council area and immediately identifies other authorities with similar resident communities. This makes it quick and easy to analyse local trends alongside other areas which are most comparable.

To use this feature, open any previously saved report which is filtered by Geography to a single council area. Click the Show Similar Authorities action link, and MAST will display ten authority areas which have the highest degree of socio-demographic resemblance. The report can then instantly be filtered by any of these similar areas, simply by clicking the desired authority name: the appropriate filter is applied automatically.

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