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MAST Online is a flexible data analysis software tool, designed by the MAST Project to provide easy access to data and socio-demographic profiling for road safety professionals. It has been widely recognised as a major contribution to intelligence led road safety delivery, and has won a Prince Michael Road Safety Award and the CIHT Road Safety Award.

Because it is hosted on a web server, the only hardware requirements for using MAST Online are a web browser and a connection to the Internet.

The database behind MAST Online contains road crash and casualty information for the whole nation, alongside socio-demographic insights into communities using Mosaic Public Sector. The MAST Online interface enables users to create reports providing unique insights into road safety issues.

MAST Online is hosted by Road Safety Analysis, designed by Electric Studio, and powered by Aeriandi.

The directors of Road Safety Analysis assert their intellectual property of the design and analysis techniques used by MAST Online.

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