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Junction Detail is a STATS19 field which indicates the general layout of the junction where a crash occurred, if any.


Junction codes are only used for crashes which occur at or within 20 metres of a junction. If two or more junctions are present within 20 metres the junction closest to the to the crash location is used.

The following definitions apply to particular varieties of junction:

  • T junction includes 3 arm junctions where 2 roads join at an acute angle (sometimes known as 'Y' junctions).
  • Crossroads refers to four arm junctions where the alignments of both roads are uninterrupted whatever the angle of the crossing, and the arms are not staggered.
  • Multiple junction refers to all junctions with more than four arms, except roundabouts.

'Slip road' only for accidents occurring within 20 metres of the point where a slip road (including filter lane at roundabout - See 1.14 Note F) merges with or diverges from the nearside of the main carriageway.

Accidents occurring on slip roads, within 20 metres of a roundabout should be coded 01 or 02 as appropriate. Accidents occurring on slip roads which are not within 20 metres of a junction should be coded 00.


Junction Detail is avaialble as a dimension to power users in MAST reports. It is organised as follows:

  • None
  • Normal
    • T junction
    • Crossroads
  • Roundabout
  • Private drive
  • Other
    • Multiple junction
    • Slip road
    • Other
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