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A filter is a method of stipulating which data should be included in the measure of a report.

Reports can use any available dimension as a filter. Dimensions currently selected as filters are displayed when the Filters (Slicers) tab at the bottom of the report is clicked.

Filters do not appear on reports directly, but they do affect the values shown for the measure. The Filters (Slicers) tab always displays all the filters currently influencing the report.

In order to facilitate reports based on road numbers, MAST has a special technique for applying filters based on this information. Report filters based on the Geography hierarchy can also be altered using the special Show Similar Authorities feature.

By default, blank reports have no filters applied.


To add a filter

  1. Click the Filters (Slicers) tab
  2. Click the Add dimension button
  3. Select the name of the required dimension from the list
  4. Click OK
  5. Click the filter symbol at the right hand end of the grey button bearing the name of the dimension
  6. Click the Expand buttons (the + symbols) at the left hand side of the list to display the hierarchy as necessary
  7. Check or clear the check boxes to denote which elements to include in the report
  8. Click OK

To remove a filter

  1. Click the Filters (Slicers) tab
  2. Right click the grey button bearing the name of the dimension
  3. Select Remove Dimension from the shortcut menu

Using categories and series as filters

It is also possible to apply filters to dimensions which have been added to the Rows (Category) or Columns (Series) tabs, using the same technique.

Viewing current filters

MAST displays all filters currently applied to a report along with the report name and description. to view the list of applied filters, simply click the Rename link.

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