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The Edit Report page is used to create and edit an individual report. It automatically opens each time a user clicks on a report thumbnail in the Select Report page.

The Edit Report page displays the selected report, in one of three views. It also provides a range of controls for working with the current report.

Controls on the Edit Report page

  • The View tabs switch the report between different views
  • The tabs below the report control how dimensions are used in the report:
    • The Rows (Category) tab allows users to view and alter the category used in the report
    • The Columns (Series) tab allows users to view and alter any series which may be used in the report
    • The Filter (Slicer) tab allows users to view and alter any filters which may effect report contents
    • All three tabs display the Add Dimension button which is used to add extra dimensions to the report design
  • The toolbar provides report formatting features
  • Links are also used to access other features

Exiting the Edit Report page

To exit the page, simply click on the Select Report tab at the top left corner and respond appropriately to the prompt asking if you wish to save changes to the current report. The Select Report page is then displayed.

Understanding the Edit Report page

File:EditReport Final.png

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