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Dirver/Rider journey Purpose is a STATS19 field which records the reason why each driver or rider was travelling at the time when the crash occurred.

This information is often not known or not recorded, so care should be taken when using this information to consider whether the results can be considered robust.


The following provisions apply to recording journey purpose:

  • Where a journey has more than one purpose, the code recorded is that most relevant to the journey purpose at the time at which the crash occurred.
  • School journeys are those in which school pupils up to and including 16 years of age are travelling or being taken to or from school (including Pre-school playgroups), and return journeys home after children have been dropped off. This also includes pre-school or after-school activities based at the school, and also journeys between school and childcare locations. However, it excludes journeys between childcare and the children's homes.
  • Bus or taxi drivers transporting children to/from school are considered to be a journey as part of the driver's work; they are not recorded as taking pupils to or from school.
  • A commuting journey is one made to get to work at the beginning of each working day or shift, or after work to get home from work.
  • All journeys other than those relating to work or to taking children to/from school, and cases where the driver is not available to be asked, are all recorded under a single code as Other or Not Known.

Note that school pupil casualties aged up to and including 16 years should be identified by the Casualty is School Pupil dimension.


Journey purpose is available as a dimension in MAST reports. It is only available in Vehicles reports.

It is organised into two levels, as follows:

  • Work related
    • Commute [where the journey itself is not a part of work]
    • Work [where the journey is itself a part of work]
  • School related
    • School Pupil [where a pupil is the driver or rider]
    • School Run [where the driver is somone other than the pupil or a working bus or taxi driver]
  • Other [including both journeys with other purposes and journeys of unknown purpose]
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