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Dimensions in Vehicles reports

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Dimensions in Vehicles reports

NOTE: Vehicles reports can refer to the vehicles themselves, or to individual drivers (regardless of whether or not they were injured).

NOTE: In addition, the Vehicles Measure is available in Vehicles reports, and is always present in the Vehicles blank report as a series. It provides the numerical information upon which the report is based.

If a report is to be filtered by road number, the Filter by Road Number action link should be used.

Other Dimensions

  • Crash Involved Vehicle Type dimensions
    • Crash Involved Vehicle PC
    • Crash Involved Vehicle MC
    • Crash Involved Vehicle Car
    • Crash Involved Vehicle Bus
    • Crash Involved Vehicle Goods
    • Crash Involved Vehicle Misc Motor
    • Crash Involved Vehicle Misc NonMotor
    • Crash Involved Senior Driver
    • Crash Involved Young Driver

In addition, the Driver Average Distance from Home is available in Vehicles reports. It provides an alternative measure upon which reports can be based.

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