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Dimensions in Casualties reports

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Dimensions in Casualties reports

NOTE: Casualties reports can refer to injured vehicle occupants, or pedestrians or both (see Casualty Class). They never include uninjured persons.

Casualty dimensions

Related Driver and Vehicle dimensions

Crash Involved Vehicle Type dimensions

  • Crash Involved Vehicle PC
  • Crash Involved Vehicle MC
  • Crash Involved Vehicle Car
  • Crash Involved Vehicle Bus
  • Crash Involved Vehicle Goods
  • Crash Involved Vehicle Misc Motor
  • Crash Involved Vehicle Misc NonMotor

Crash date dimensions

Crash location dimensions

Conditions dimensions

NOTE: In addition, the Casualties Measure is available in Casualties reports, and is always present in the Casualties blank report as a series. It provides the numerical information upon which the report is based.

If a report is to be filtered by road number, the Filter by Road Number action link should be used.

In addition, the Casualty Average Distance from Home is available in Casualties reports. It provides an alternative measure upon which reports can be based.

Some of the above dimensions were only previously available to Power users, however, all users now have access to all of the above dimensions.

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