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Crash Location Strategic Road is a dimension identifying the location of a crash on the strategic road network.

This dimension was developed in partnership with the Highways Agency for England, and also with Transport Scotland and GoSafe Wales. All crashes have been assigned a Yes or No value based on detailed information supplied by these agencies.

Any report which requires a filter to exclude strategic roads is most easily designed using the Crash on Strategic Road dimension, which provides a boolean value indicating whether or not each crash took place on the strategic road network.

It is possible to combine this dimension with dimensions based on the Geography hierarchy, in the same report. For instance, this apprach would allow all crashes on a particular strategic route within a certain county to be identified with ease.

The Strategic Road hierarchy is organised into multiple levels. each level is explained in more detail in the sections below.



This level contains the Highways Agency Regions of England, with Scotland and Wales shown separately.

HA Regions should not to be confused with Government Office Regions, which unlike HA Regions are based on local authority boundaries. These are covered by the Geography hierarchy.


This level contains the HA Areas within each region.

For details of the extent of each HA Region and Area, refer to this page of the HA website. In Scotland and Wales, police force areas have been used to categorise crash locations at this level.


This level contains each distinct contiguous stretch of strategic road with the same road number and road class within a single area.


This level splits each route up into sections. Each link begins and ends at a specific point known as a node. Most (although not all) nodes coincide with junctions with other important routes.

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