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Contributory Factors

MAST now contains contributory factors (CFs) after the Department for Transport agreed to grant users access.

Contributory Factor definitions

Contributory factors definitions are set out in STATS20. There are clearly defined rules on what the contributory factors mean; which parties they are allowed to be attributed to; and in which circumstances they should be used. As some contributory factors can be seen in all three tabs in MAST, the names of the dimensions are also provided in the list on the Contributory factors definitions page.

Contributory Factors in the Crashes tab

In the Crashes tab, there are all 78 contributory factors, as defined in STATS20.

The dimensions are formatted so there is a 'Yes' or 'No' for each contributory factor i.e. did this crash have this CF recorded? A contributory factor is recorded as 'Yes' when the CF in question was recorded at least once in relation to the crash.

A second level of these dimensions indicates to which type of participant the CF was attributed, e.g. driver; passenger; pedestrian; a mixture of participants; or an unknown party.

As ever, the measures on the Crashes tab always refers to the number of crashes and not the number of contributory factors attributed.

Contributory Factors in the Vehicles tab

Contributory Factors in the Casualties tab

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