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A category is the main method used to organise information in a MAST report. Reports can use any available dimension as a category. The dimension currently selected as a category is displayed when the Category tab at the bottom of the report is clicked.

How a category appears in the report depends on which view is selected.

Blank reports have a default category which can easily be changed if required.

To remove a category

  1. Click the Category (Rows) tab
  2. Right click the grey button bearing the name of the dimension
  3. Select Remove Dimension from the shortcut menu

Note that if the only category present in a report is removed, the report will have no data available until a category is added.

To add a category

  1. Click the Category ((Rows) tab
  2. Click the Add dimension button
  3. Select the name of the required dimension from the list
  4. Click OK
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