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School Pupil Casualty is a STATS19 field which records the reason whether or not each casualty was a pupil engaged in travelling to or from school at the time when the crash occurred.

This information is often not known or not recorded, so care should be taken when using this information to consider whether the results can be considered robust.


A casualty is only coded as a school pupil if both the following conditions are true:

  • The casualty is aged up to and including 16 years of age
  • The journey being undertaken was to or from school, pre-school or after-school activities based at the school, including journeys between such premises and childcare.

Consequently, journeys made by school pupils aged over 16, journeys made to or from school activities which are not based at the school itself, and journeys between childcare and pupils' homes are not included. This corresponds to the definition used for determining Driver Journey Purpose. However, it differs from the definition of Adult casualties normally used in road safety, including by RCGB and the MAST Age hierarchy.


Casualty is School Pupil is available as a boolean dimension in MAST Casualty reports.

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